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Tennantite and enargite as well as Freibergite are copper arsenic sulphide minerals that respond to flotation in a similar manner to other copper sulphides. As such, depression of these minerals would tend to result in depression of other copper sulphides. In this case arsenic comes Copper Arsenic Species called Enargite and Tennantite.

ENARGITE (Copper Arsenic Sulfide)

Enargite is related to the rare mineral wurtzite. Wurtzite is a zinc sulfide with a formula of ZnS. In enargite 75% of the zinc atoms are replaced by copper and 25% of the zinc atoms are replaced by arsenic, Cu3AsS4. The similarity is easier to see if wurtzite's formula is rewritten as Zn4S4. The different elements however do not lend ...

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The Role of Arsenic in the Mining Industry

Arsenic is released into the environment naturally through the weathering, oxidation and erosion of sulfide minerals. [1] These sulfide minerals can form soils with very high concentrations of arsenic, and the arsenic can dissolve in water. [1] An estimated 25% of arsenic emissions into the atmosphere come from natural sources, mostly volcanoes.

Chemistry and Mineralogy of Arsenic

Arsenic is an elusive element, with a mysterious ability to change color, behavior, reactivity, and toxicity. For exam-ple, two arsenic sulfide minerals, red-colored realgar (As 4S 4) and bright yellow orpiment (As 2S 3), were described by the ancient Greeks, but they considered them to be two entirely different substances (Irgolic 1992).

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Mineral - Mineral - Sulfides: This important class includes most of the ore minerals. The similar but rarer sulfarsenides are grouped here as well. Sulfide minerals consist of one or more metals combined with sulfur; sulfarsenides contain arsenic replacing some of the sulfur. Sulfides are generally opaque and exhibit distinguishing colours and streaks.

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specific to copper arsenic sulphides are briefly discussed below [12]. Pressure oxidation involves oxidation of sulphide minerals at elevated pressure and temperature in the presence of catalytic chloride ions. In the case of arsenic bearing concentrates, a significant portion of the copper value can be found in minerals such as enargite (Cu 3AsS

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Arsenic trisulfide is found as the mineral orpiment. Preparation. Arsenic trisulfide is made when an arsenic compound like arsenic trichloride reacts with hydrogen sulfide. It is also made when arsenic and sulfur are heated together. Uses. It was looked at for treating cancer.

Arsenic and Antimony Sulphide Minerals in Cyanidation

The successful cyanidation of gold ores containing appreciable amounts of arsenic or antimony sulphide minerals such as orpiment, realgar, and stibnite is usually difficult or even impossible. Extractions are low and the solutions soon become 'foul.' The gold in such ores could be free and uncoated, and no trouble in dissolving it in clean cyanide solutions would be expected.

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Previous research has demonstrated the possibility of separating arsenic-copper sulphides from other copper minerals by controlling the potential of the flotation pulp in the single mineral systems. The selective flotation of enargite from copper sulphides in a complex ore system is discussed in this paper. Methodology and Results

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Realgar is an historically important mineral, with a striking ruby-red color that stands out in the mineral kingdom. The rare transparent lustrous forms are truly masterpieces in mineral aesthetics. Realgar is a photosensitive mineral and will alter to Pararealgar upon prolonged exposure to light.

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Arsenic sulfide may refer to: .. Arsenic trisulfide, As 2 S 3, the mineral orpiment; Tetraarsenic tetrasulfide, As 4 S 4, the mineral realgar

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Arsenic also can be released into groundwater as a result of human activities, such as mining, and from its various uses in industry, in animal feed, as a wood preservative, and as a pesticide. In drinking-water supplies, arsenic poses a problem because it is toxic at low levels and is a known carcinogen.

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Toxic Arsenic Sulfide Minerals. Realgar and orpiment are very similar minerals. They are both arsenic sulfides and members of the monoclinic crystal system. They form in the same geological environments and can be closely associated in the same deposits. They have similar physical properties and similar histories of use by man.

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Despite extensive research, the rejection of arsenic minerals in copper flotation is still a challenge. Arsenic sulphide mineralogy in copper deposits has been reviewed by Long et al. (2012). A range of arsenic minerals including arsenopyrite, tetrahedrite, tennantite and enargite occur in various copper deposits in the world.

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- Mineral almost identical to Arsenopyrite, but contains antimony in place of the arsenic. Its chemical formula is FeSbS. Gudmundite is very similar in physical properties to Arsenopyrite, and is sometimes wrongly classified as a variety of it, when in fact it is scientifically a separate mineral species.

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Arsenic was known to the ancient Egyptian, and is mentioned in one papyrus as a ways of gilding metals. The Greek philosopher Theophrastus knew of two arsenic sulfide minerals: orpiment (As 2 S 3) and realgar (As 4 S 4). The Chinese also knew about arsenic as the writings of Pen Ts'ao Kan-Mu.

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Arsenic can exist in sulfide minerals either as a dominant mineral-forming element or as an impurity. Arsenic release into nature is a slow process as a result of mineral weathering; however, physical forces such as grinding, crushing, and pulverization from mining activities greatly increase the release rate.

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Sulfide mineral, any member of a group of compounds of sulfur with one or more metals. Most of the sulfides are simple structurally, exhibit high symmetry in their crystal forms, and have many of the properties of metals, including metallic luster and electrical conductivity.

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Arsenopyrite, also called Mispickel, an iron sulfoarsenide mineral (FeAsS), the most common ore of arsenic.It is most commonly found in ore veins that were formed at high temperatures, as at Mapimí, Mex.; Butte, Mont.; and Tunaberg, Swed. Arsenopyrite forms monoclinic or triclinic crystals with an orthorhombic shape; the physical appearance of these crystals is seldom an accurate method for ...

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Arsenic (As) is a highly toxic metalloid that has been identified at high concentrations in groundwater in certain locations around the world. Concurrent microbial reduction of arsenate (As V) and sulfate (SO 4 2-) can result in the formation of poorly soluble arsenic sulfide

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Feb 14, 2016· Orpiment is another arsenic sulfide mineral with a stunning orange-yellow color. The mineral is found naturally in hydrothermal vents, hot springs, and fumaroles. Strangely, ...

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Metal sulfides are the most important group of ore minerals. Here, we review what is known about their compositions, crystal structures, phase relations and parageneses. Much less is known about their surface chemistry, their biogeochemistry, or the formation and behaviour of 'nanoparticle' sulfides, whether formed abiotically or biogenically.

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Realgar, α-As 4 S 4, is an arsenic sulfide mineral, also known as "ruby sulphur" or "ruby of arsenic". It is a soft, sectile mineral occurring in monoclinic crystals, or in granular, compact, or powdery form, often in association with the related mineral, orpiment (As 2 S 3).It is orange-red in color, melts at 320 °C, and burns with a bluish flame releasing fumes of arsenic and sulfur.

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Several other, less-common minerals contain arsenic, including orpiment, realgar, and enargite, which are arsenic sulfides. Most arsenic is obtained not from an ore mineral of arsenic, but as a by-product in the treatment of gold, silver, copper, and other metal ores.

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Define realgar. realgar synonyms, realgar pronunciation, realgar translation, English dictionary definition of realgar. n. A soft orange-red arsenic ore, As2S2, used in pyrotechnics and tanning and as a pigment. n a rare orange-red soft mineral consisting of arsenic sulphide... Realgar - definition of realgar by The Free Dictionary.

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What is Arsenopyrite? Arsenopyrite is an iron arsenic sulfide mineral with a chemical composition of FeAsS. It is the most abundant arsenic mineral and the primary ore of arsenic metal.In addition to being found in deposits that are large enough to be minable, arsenopyrite is widely distributed.